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Since the beginning of time there have been many reasons relatives get separated, some examples are; relocation, economic hard times, divorce, teen pregnancy, adoption, strained family relations or conflicts, the situations are numerous,  but nevertheless, even if none of the above fit your situation, if you have the desire to discover direct contact information with a biological relative(s), sign up today to search and to have your information available to be found.

Just by signing up you will become a website member with the ability to search our site for other members who are open to communication and searching themselves, those looking to make contact for the first time or to re-connect with lost relatives.

Biologicalfinder.com is not a website to find out the identity of your biological relatives but rather a forum for those who have the desire to connect with a known identity.

By being a member you are in mutual agreement with other members that you are either searching for someone or opening yourself up to communication with your biological relatives.

In today's world there are many ways to search for people, but one of the biggest questions after locating someone is: are they willing or wanting to be contacted?,

At Biologicalfinder.com that issue is removed,  simply by registering all of our members are indicating that they are indeed willing to be contacted and they are searching to connect with family members.

Please be patient as we are getting many new members everyday, so if you initially don't find whom you are searching for please check back and stay registered so perhaps they can find you.

Let us assist you in your search, begin today.

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